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    The satchel

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    In Romania, the school dropout rate continues to be at alarming levels. Most of the time, school dropout occurs due…

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    Family House

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    The “Always Together for Youth” Family House is the place where two special parents love, care, provide education and respond…

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    No matter how prepared and strong we are, always illness, and especially oncological illness, is an experience that takes us…

  4. A job for us

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    Mihai is a talented and hardworking young man from a small town where the safety of tomorrow seems to be…

  5. A pair of new shoes

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    Marius, Victoria and Claudia are three kids that I met when their daddy, who was very young, went on to…

  6. I’m cold

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    Elena and Tino are two of our friends with whom we have been trying for years, as much as we…

  7. I have a new schoolbag

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    The beginning of the school, for many grandparents, parents and children, represents an adventure year after year… Some see it…

  8. What if I would live in the outskirts?

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    Sometimes we are used to seeing the “outskirts of humanity” as a reality far from us … and in our…