I have a new schoolbag

Sep 2017
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The beginning of the school, for many grandparents, parents and children, represents an adventure year after year… Some see it as a new and happy experience, but for others this beginning also translates into the beginning of other worries, concerns, fears… Many families are starting to no longer face the growing demands, and those who pay for the fast-paced society are often the children… Sometimes it’s enough not to have a fashionable jacket to be marginalized … sometimes lack of the basic necessary tools may turn into a real drama. This year we tried to take care of the sad looks involved in this “adventure” through a small gesture: a new backpack with everything needed for 50 children of the poorest families. It is impossible to reach everyone… but each of us can start with one… two… If you want to be a part of the project “I have a new school bag”, donate with the mention: “For the children’s school bag”. (Each cost 70-80 euros depending on the age and the school’s requirements).