What if I would live in the outskirts?

Sep 2017
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Sometimes we are used to seeing the “outskirts of humanity” as a reality far from us … and in our imagination they are often seen as just a picture of misery, degradation … We often think about it and feel helpless but the desire to keep these images away from us is stronger… Far from our mind and our existence, but especially far from our questions “why?”: why he and not me?

Sometimes we happen cross our path with with their path… And then we discover that there may be outskirts right in the center of the city, a few meters away from us or even… right beside us… Outskirts that does not do not correspond to our imagination but which may be the most difficult to live in: abandonment, refusal, forgetting.

Thus, 60 children and young people (aged 7-24) live in an orphanage in the city center… Many of them abandoned at birth, others entrusted to social services far away from their families.
They are visible to everybody’s eyes, and yet they do not meet many glances… On Christmas and Easter many are feeling overwhelmed by their stories and then??? And then… only silence and insecurity remains, like a small stone in the shoe that prevents them from walking right, building something, and thinking that the sign of refusal is not indelible…

For them, as for each of us, life flows day by day, with its requirements, its joys, its exigencies and we only need “the other one”on the brink of holidays… The help that comes from the state and / or the benefactors are not enough to cover the expenses, and so, year after year they become more and more indebted (towards the food suppliers and not only them).
Right now, the most urgent issue is heating. They are short of wood (the fuel used for the heating plant) and it would take 5500 euros to provide them with a little bit of human warmth during the winter.