A pair of new shoes

Nov 2017
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Marius, Victoria and Claudia are three kids that I met when their daddy, who was very young, went on to accompany them from far, far away… from Heaven… Dad and mom had beautiful project in mind… to build a house for their children… They bought the land while they were both working, contracting a loan to fulfill their dream. At just 34 years old, illness took a grip of heir father and later forever shattered the beautiful dream of the young family.

Claudia was only 2 years old, she barely spoke, but every day she was at Dad’s bed to “take care of him and make him well”. Carefully following each small evolution and saying “Look, you seem better today, I told you that you will get well”. Soon, way too soon, Claudia understood that life is rough and she may not be right. She knew that someday Dad would go away…

Ilaria remained with the love of the four children, but also the unspeakable suffering of the loss of her husband and together with him, all their dreams… She works very hard to be able to pay the bank, but in the same time their little house hides more and more in the grass growing year after year, burying all the desires in the past.

Marius has assumed the role of the “big brother” …. trying to “make money” by gathering plastic bottles to recycle, being payed 1 euro for 2 or 3 days of “searches.” He wishes all children to attend school but at the same time to see Victoria and Claudia eat the kind of food he had as a kid, not just potatoes every day.

Victoria has a huge dream: “My Dad will come to me one day”, but she already knows this desire is a little complicated so she is pleased with his presence in her heart and soul. She is the first in her class and loves to to learn new things every day.

Claudia has never said “these are mine”, only “these don’t belong to me” with great sadness in her eyes. I asked her what she would like. Her beautiful eyes suddenly shined, and with a very quiet and sweet voice, like she would tell me a great secret, she replied: “A pair of new shoes, to be only mine.”

If you want to help their little dreams and wishes come true and in the same time wipe off a tear from Ilaria’s face, we invite you to donate as much as you feel, mentioning “clothing for the four brothers”.