Apr 2024
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No matter how prepared and strong we are, always illness, and especially oncological illness, is an experience that takes us by surprise. You become powerless not only in the face of physical suffering but also in the face of the completely changing dynamics of life. Suddenly you are forced to invest time and money to recover your health, and most of the time, in addition to treatment, the difficult situation to manage is related to important economic and logistical problems.

Because we know what suffering means, we want to put “our drop of goodness in the ocean”, that’s why we chose to offer free accommodation for patients in special situations and who require treatment in Oradea (priority for pediatric and oncological patients).

We try to give them not only the safety of an open door, but also the comfort, discretion and peace that every person needs. Also, where needed, we offer free psychological support and personalized nutrition programs focused on the specific needs of our patients.