I’m cold

Sep 2017
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Elena and Tino are two of our friends with whom we have been trying for years, as much as we can, to share the difficult journey of life. Tino came to light 17 years ago, but not as many of us would wish… in a cozy home, with a family expecting us with all their love .. It came in the arms of a single mother… (her violent alcoholic husband being already in prison). Following a cerebral hemorrhage during childbirth and subsequent meningitis, the young 23-year-old mum was advised to abandon Tino in the hospital and go on with her life. Even though having Tino in her life would have meant an even more difficult situation for her, Elena chose what every mom would choose: to offer everything she had, her great heart, her love, and the desire to make sure that Tino will not go through what she went and will experience what she did… being abandoned in an orphanage, loneliness, fear and uncertainty of tomorrow, being alone in the world… After months of hospitalization Tino left the hospital with a severe diagnosis: epilepsy and Arnold-Chiari malformation.

Elena never begged for money, instead she was looking for work. And she found work, and then she changed it again and again because of the dramatic situation and the latest diagnosis … this time her’s: breast cancer with lung metastases. She followed numerous chemotherapy treatments both in Romania and abroad, and she reacted as usual… fighting and struggling even when life seemed to take away everything and only give suffering in return

We tried and we keep trying to help. For Tino and Elena’s healthcare expenses, we provide a monthly sum which she manages with great art! Elena still struggles today, as she always did, to provide Toni with everything she can and hopes that one day she can provide a home’s stability or at least not to cry all night long thinking about what she will do when Tino tells her again: “Mother, I’m cold!”

Sooner or later, each of us will need the others. If you are willing to offer a bit of your heart’s warmth, we thank you and invite you to do so by donating mentioning: “Elena and Tino – Wood for winter”.