Our Mission

Our Mission

BanimAbanim Association (ABA) is an apolitical and non-governmental charitable organization set up in 2017 with the objective of promoting the holistic development of the person.

BanimAbanim is born from the desire to actively contribute to “building” a harmonious man, by offering specific assistance and charitable activities,  social interventions and enabling an integral human formation (cultural, psychological, ethical and spiritual) to those who want to share the slogan “Get, Live, Give LIFE”.

Who Should Attend

  • Children and adults diagnosed with serious and chronic pathologies requiring specific care and also their families to help them cope with the experience of suffering as well as possible.
  • People with physical or mental disabilities who need support to be involved in the society to which they belong (social inclusion);
  • Children and young people living in disadvantaged backgrounds and poverty to enable them integral human training (the support material).
  • Children who enjoy psychophysical well-being but want to participate in an alternative educational program aimed at discovering and developing their own capacities and human values proposed by the Peacefull education style.

Each project follows a rigorous personal perspective:

  • discernment and taking care of their own specific needs (child, adult, etc.),
  • detailed setup of the intervention (economic, psychological, educational, etc.),
  • systematic monitoring in close collaboration with the familiar nucleus.

We invite you to work with us

  • staying informed about our projects (sign up for the newsletter)
  • attending meetings proposed by BanimAbanim (see the events)
  • reading online materials published by professionals (access blog)
  • supporting projects (donating or purchasing from our shop)
  • becoming a volunteer (contact us)