Name and Logo

Our logo

The emblem is entrusted with synthesizing the essence of the message, content and objectives through the richness of images and symbols

The face and the look

The first element in the emblem is the stylized face: the focus of our attention is the PERSON with all its riches and uniqueness. The face is the main element of identification and relationship; the drawing shows us in the upper left, the barely drawn look towards the Other of Transcendence or the other of the relationship. By receiving and opening to the others, we learn to grow, to mature, to get educated. That’s how we become hospitable: that’s how we start to welcome life inside.

The heart in the hand

The second passage is the image of the heart in one hand: it is necessary that what educates us, enriches us and makes us grow – be internalized, cultivated, understood and personalized. The heart expresses clearly that it is not just about an intellectual phenomenon, but rather about learning to love. That’s how we deeply live our life.

The reaching hand

And yet no idea, no experience, no discovery, no material good is our exclusive property. What we received as a gift, we, in turn, can gift ourselves. The open hand symbolizing giving a gift indicates – if we wish – that we are capable of giving life: only the ability to put it in the service of others expresses gratitude for what we have received and the joy of being the instruments of a life that passes through our image through our gaze, through our heart and our hands.

The book

The open book at the base of the logo certifies the three passages (receive, live and give). The experience and the life that touches us everyday from the outside represents the book that teaches us to get educated and writes inside us the most authentic values of existence. At the same time there is an invitation to write the unique and personal book of our life with your own heart. In the end, it is the book that will remain beyond our lives as a trace, as a gift, and as eternal love to educate others to receive, live and give their life.

Our name

It’s not about a magic formula, but about three Hebrew words addressed to Jerusalem, the symbol of all humanity. The invitation (addressed to each of us) to perform a journey of rediscovery of their roots where we were born and we experience – in successive stages – the joy and certainty of being loved.

Banîm – son

The fundamental human experience is to be “children” in the birth event and then to “become children” by taking the consciousness of what we are: we have not chosen to be in the world but we have been given life. Being children means welcoming this gift daily, letting ourselves get educated.

’Abanîm – precious stones

As children, we let shine the beauty of our gifts, of our wealth, but also of its own frailty, becoming precious stones (abanim) for others. To be precious stone is not to suffer life, but to live it in its fullness: each is the only living and irreplaceable stone that has its place and a fundamental role.

Bonîm – builders

This way, if so many children welcome life and let it transpire in all its splendor it builds up “stone by stone” a new reality based on love. The children (banim) – stones (abanim) therefore also become builders (bonim) …